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(via Mexi Elena Marine Photography)

This is not science

We may have the answer to all of the big problems in physics! Or not. My money is on “not”. Marcus du Sautoy, a very smart mathematician and the fellow who occupies the chair for the public understanding of science at Oxford formerly held by Richard Dawkins, made a stunning announcement. Two years ago, a…

Friday Cephalopod: Super-powers!

Molluscs have amazing super-powers. But you know what? So do humans. We air-breathing terrestrial bipeds are able to enter strange alien worlds and return with a digital record of the events that even the lubbers among us can appreciate.

It’s the lovely Pink Dragon millipede — it’s bright enough to belong in the girl’s aisle at the toy store. It also squirts cyanide at you if you annoy it.

(From TONMO, on a page about raising captive cuttlefish)

Botanical Wednesday: Twisty

(via Australian Geographic)

Remember the good old days, when you could always trust a creationist to claim their theory was not religious, and then they’d turn around and neatly undermine their own claims for you? Think Bill Buckingham at the Dover trial, who completely won the case for the good guys by saying a lot of stupid stuff.…

But that membrane hanging off of it is just plain weird. Maybe the video will help make sense of it all. (via ZooBorns)

Happy Mother’s Day!

At first glance, I thought it was an epiploon or omentum, but no, it’s a lovely octopus mother tending her brood. Go hug your mom right now, or if she’s not nearby, hug a mollusc instead.

How else is Google Maps going to get coverage of the 70% of the planet underwater? (via Cephalove)