Friday Cephalopod: Super-powers!

Molluscs have amazing super-powers.


But you know what? So do humans. We air-breathing terrestrial bipeds are able to enter strange alien worlds and return with a digital record of the events that even the lubbers among us can appreciate.


  1. #1 Ignacio Gallo
    May 24, 2013

    I’d still go for invisibility spell though :)

  2. #2 Tony Day
    May 24, 2013

    I am lucky enough to be a scuba diver who has lived in Central and North Queensland in Australia – the home of the largest living organic community..The Great Barrier Reef!!! I am also lucky enough to personally witness one of nature’s great events; The Spawning of the Coral Reef. The sea truly is an alien environment, full of wonder and terror. I’ll never forget the moment I first saw a Tiger Shark underwater and thought to myself “If it decides to eat me, there is nothing I can do!” For me, the most fascinating creatures are most often completely overlooked…the nudibranchs. Such simple animals, but so beautiful (inserting some aesthetics, here).

  3. #3 David Marjanović
    Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin
    May 24, 2013

    “The only thing snails can’t do is fly.”

    United States
    May 24, 2013

    Only one word for it: awesome!

  5. #5 Chanel Napszemüveg
    May 26, 2013

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  6. #6 althea
    June 3, 2013

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  7. #7 Addie
    June 7, 2013

    I love the idea of seeing the “superpowers” in our everyday world. We may not have people such as Spider-Man walking around but there are so many spectacular anomalies in the world that are just as, or in my opinion, more intriguing! Great post and video!