These are awesome. I want a swarm for a pet.


Upwards of 3 feet long and in some cases-as thick as a garden hose and have the texture of jello. There’s mucus. These things are crazy.

Key words: EAT EVERYTHING. ALIVE or DEAD. These have been fed almost everything-and they eat what’s given them: fecal pellets, starfish, dead seal meat, fish, sponges, sea anemones, worms amphipods, penguin meat, sardine meat (with tomato sauce!) and on and on….

(via The Echinoblog.)


  1. #1 G.
    Hiding from those awful things.
    June 12, 2013

    Careful what you wish for. The “let them eat bugs” crowd who are promoting insects & their larvae as the solution to the world’s hunger problems (mmm!, wormburgers! “Would you like flies with that?”), might get hold of those things and attempt to foist them on unsuspecting restaurant-goers. And watch out for the ad jingle, “Mucus Mucus Mucus!” to the tune of “Music Music Music!”

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