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  1. #1 thi cong n?i th?t
    June 18, 2013

    Khac v?i ki?n truc su, h?a si thi?t k?,xay dung noi that la ngu?i ch?u trach nhi?m chinh trong vi?c t?o cho khong gian ngoi nha b?n th?t trang tr?ng, h?p ly, d?p m?t va giau tinh ngh? thu?t; t?o c?m giac ?m cung va g?n gui b?ng nhi?u v?t li?u n?i ngo?i th?t d?c dao. Ph?n l?n cac cong ty thi?t k? n?i th?t (TKNT) d?u th?c hi?n t? A t?i Z cac d?ch v?. T? vi?c tu v?n, cung c?p cac v?t li?u, d?n thi?t k?, th?c hi?n. Di?u do co nghia la h?

  2. #2 brightmoon
    June 20, 2013

    moon jellies ..they live around Long Island so I sometimes see them in the water ..BTW ive never heard anyone ever say Long Guyland ..and ive lived in queens most of my life

    another btw ….people from Queens and Brooklyn hate being told that they’re Long Islanders..we’re New Yorkers …period

    to those who don’t get that Bklyn and Qns are physically on the island but Qns and Bklyn are part of NYC

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