Embryos at last!

Oh, look: The first embryos from our new and improved fish system!


We only got a handful today, but you can see why. Those are about 3½ hours old, so we collected too late and the little babies’ mommies and daddies had spent the previous few hours assiduously poking around in the marbles sheltering the eggs, and had sucked up their little brothers and sisters in a cannibal feast, as they like to do. We’ll be adjusting our schedules, as developmental biologists often have to do, to do much earlier collections starting tomorrow.

The parents look happy and comfortable, perhaps a little plump after their breakfast of caviar and shrimp, so we expect more tomorrow. Right now we’re raising these little guys at a couple of different temperatures to calibrate our staging adjustments.


  1. #1 Jim Thomerson
    July 18, 2013

    If you look around a craft store you will fine a sort of plastic sheet that has square holes in it for needlepoint or something. The holes are plenty big for zebra eggs to go through, but not zebras. Or, you could use a deeper tank and two or three layers of marbles. Back in my aquarist days, I got on a danio kick, and bred and raised zebras, leopards, spotted, pearl, and blue danios. A friend in New York sent me two pairs of leopard danios when they first came in. I raised several hundred and sold them at 50 cents apiece to the local petshops in New Orleans.

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