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Friday Cephalopod: Emergence

At least, not the pink ones.

Uh, maybe not. What if it gives you a tiny little nibble? Now, 10 minutes later, you notice something strange. Your lips are going numb. So is your face. You want to yell for help but can’t: It’s getting harder to speak. And your stomach feels—oh, gross! Right in front of everyone. Somebody calls an…

I’m going to stay away from Mary for a while. It was a busy weekend for both of us, we’re both really tired, and then she sends me this as an appropriate organism. I’m trying to read the message in sending a picture of a botfly to your spouse. Don’t panic, here’s the cure: bacon.

Friday Cephalopod: Beautiful babies

The NY Times has stirred up some controversy by recommending a novel flavor combination: guacamole made with peas. I must weigh in. Sounds delicious! Would love to try it!