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It’s all chemistry’s fault

Friday Cephalopod: Skin

They knew

The tobacco industry knew that cigarettes were both addictive and carcinogenic. They sold them anyway, and hired professional obfuscators and lobbyists to bury the truth. Now we know that the oil industry is the same way. Exxon knew how much carbon was buried in oil reserves. They knew how much carbon dioxide was in the…

Casey Luskin vs. Homo naledi

The Intelligent Design Creationists are always getting annoyed at the third word in that label — they’re not creationists, they insist, but something completely different. They’re scientists, they think. They’re just scientists who favor a different explanation for the diversity of life on Earth than those horrible Darwinist notions. But of course, everything about them…

Anthropology is so entertaining!

John Hawks makes a very good case that Homo naledi is a distinct species from H. erectus. He persuaded me, anyway, and it’s well worth reading. Also entertaining. There is some savage snark in there aimed at Jeffrey Schwartz (oh, man, I’ve long known Schwartz as a hack, not for his anthropology, but for his…

Friday Cephalopod: Definitely non-Euclidean

I stared at this for a while, trying to sort out what was what, and my mind began to slip into madness, so I figured it was perfect for Pharyngula.

Dr Oz has seen the error of his ways!

He has announced that Dr. Mehmet Oz is changing the direction of his show! No more quackery for him! The entire upcoming season of The Dr. Oz Show — which kicks off Monday, September 14 — will focus on the mind-body connection and feature a partnership with former U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher, MD. In…

This video includes snippets showing exactly what it was like to crawl through those narrow tunnels to get at the Homo naledi fossil site. No, thank you. Can we get one of those big subway tunnel excavators to the cave? It needs widening.

Mary’s Monday Metazoan: Feathery