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It takes a fool to deny the obvious

Neil Shubin reports that Bible tracts have begun appearing in copies of his book, Your Inner Fish, in bookstores. He even has photographic evidence. This is remarkable news. We now know how bible tracts are made: they are degenerate forms descended from more complex and sophisticated texts, and they appear spontaneously when two pages, who…

Friday Cephalopod: Dangerously fecund

Is it just me or does that fish look horrified?

Friday Cephalopod: Force of arms

Who among you has taught or studied vertebrate anatomy? I have. It’s cool. Skeletal and muscular anatomy are weird, though, because we so take the principles for granted that we’re often not aware of it. We can move because we have a jointed framework, a collection of levers that are moved by the contractions of…

I keep telling students that the key thing in photography is lighting.

Mary’s Monday Metazoan: Motherly

That’s not a meal, that’s her newborn baby!

As I just explained, however, the erotic possibilities will remain unexplored.