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Godless radio

Minnesota Atheists went back on the air a while back, and I think I’ll tune in tomorrow at 9am central time (and it will also be streaming live on the web. Lynn Fellman and Glendon Mellow will be talking about art and science. It should be good!

How authoritarians treat art

Somebody needs to grab Bill Donohue by the ear and drag him to the Neues Musem in Berlin — all the way to the airport, during the long transatlantic flight, and on the taxi ride to the museum. Pinch hard, too, and make him squeal all the way. While digging a subway tunnel in Berlin,…

Bill Donohue is on a roll. First he bravely put up a billboard that reassures everyone that Jesus was real, which is no problem, as far as I’m concerned; it’s not true, but he isn’t interfering with other people’s right to express themselves. But now he has really done it: he has successfully pressured the…

Suddenly, it resonates with me. I’ve also been sent these images of spectacular wall art. I want one. Somehow, though, I doubt that I’ll be able to convince the TrophyWife™ that it’s worth $950.

The NSFW problem

Roger Ebert has a thoughtful post on the problem of not-safe-for-work images. It’s a real problem, and it’s a curious example of self-imposed censorship built on an artificial fear. I don’t care who you are, you’ve all seen pornography, you’ve all heard profanity, yet somehow, if even a tasteful nude or an obscenity neatly typed…

Who needs Batman?

The bats are cool enough without him.

Fancy that, a fabulous map

This is beautiful, I’d hang it on my wall. It’s a genetic map of the first synthetic organism, and it and many others will be on display in the Serpentine Gallery in London this weekend. And gosh, what do you know, I am going to be in London this weekend! I may have to sneak…

Dream Girls

What is it about Elsa Lanchester and The Bride of Frankenstein? She’s the “it” girl of the 20th century, and here’s a whole gallery of Bride images. I have a favorite, for some reason.

A Poetry Contest for science nerds

Dr Charles is having a Poetry Contest, with wonderful prizes to be awarded to the winner with the best poem about “experiencing, practicing, or reflecting upon a medical, scientific, or health-related matter.” It sounds great until you realize you’re probably going to have to compete against the Cuttlefish.

Radial tree of life

I use a very pretty radial tree of life diagram fairly often — the last time was in my talk on Friday — and every time I do, people ask where I got it. Here it is: it’s from the David Hillis lab, with this description: This file can be printed as a wall poster.…