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Very cool graphic

It’s a calibrated infographic illustrating the highest highs and the lowest lows on the planet. Bring in the kids and have them scroll up and down for hours. It includes the Deepwater Horizon. Boy, that thing was way, way down there.

This is a thoughtful contemplation of online personas and what they mean to people. It also has some useful implications: “What will happen if Dublin is invaded by zombies?”, indeed. I worry about that all the time. Avatar Days from Piranha Bar on Vimeo.

Wanna t-shirt?

Here’s an almost impressive compendium of evolution t-shirts. I say “almost” because, dang it, most of them are variations on the infamous March of Progress image, which I detest. That thing feeds on and is the source of some of the most common misconceptions about evolution. Please, graphic designers, if you want to create something…

Somebody ought to publish this 15 page comic about the anti-vaccination movement…and send it around to pediatricians’ waiting rooms.

(Bath mosaic from Herculaneum, 79CE. From Joe Wilkins.)

Remind me of this

That in future speaking engagements, unauthorized photography should be prohibited.

Roger Ebert ticks off video gamers

Tycho and Gabe seem a tad peevish that Roger Ebert has dissed video games as art — he says video games can never be art, which may be a bit excessive. Still, I read Ebert’s explanation, Penny Arcade’s cranky dismissal, and a serious advocates counter-argument, and you know, I tend to think Ebert is mostly…

Hey, that would make a nice t-shirt!

A church in Oklahoma is actually losing members over a crucifix on display. The problem is the artist has painted Jesus with a ‘distended abdomen’, or perhaps a six-pack (actually a four-pack in this case), that is making all the filthy-minded Catholics think of something else. I’m looking at the dimensions of that thing and…

Spock was not a chordate

The idea that he could have been half-human/half-alien is even more ridiculous than the idea that he could have been half-human/half-mollusc. Although…the concept is intriguing.