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Sagan wrote pure poetry

Some people seem to react to the autotuned stuff with a kind of automatic detestation. So how about this? The unaltered words of Carl Sagan wrapped in a musical accompaniment.

Antique illustrations

The National Library of Medicine has released scans of classic science texts from the 15th-16th century — they’re beautiful. And the amazing thing is, they’re still better science than anything you’ll find from a creationist!

Attenborough joins the symphony

More autotuned science lectures: I’ve been reading Meyer’s awful Signature in the Cell lately, and I have to say — there’s no poetry in creationism.

Why? Because you must explain how mitosis works…using Krispy Kremes. Make sure they understand the chemistry of fats and carbohydrates first!

Spider lungs!

This is very cool: it’s a series of scanning electron micrographs of spider book lungs. I’d like to hang a few of those on my wall.


It is the Cephalopodmas Season, when tentacles and the deep sea are on everyone’s mind, and that concentrated contemplation of all matters squidly must occasionally erupt into artful self-expression. Below the fold you will find a few beautiful images that have leapt into my mailbox lately.


I’d happily hang that on my wall. The trophy wife would even more cheerfully tear it down, shred it, and set it on fire. But then, she’s the one with taste*. *Don’t judge her by her taste in men. That was a momentary lapse of reason, a one time thing.

The War on Christmas continues apace

Those evilutionists! Do they have to taint everything? You can get that on a evolutionmas card, too. Perfect for giving Aunt Petunia conniptions.

Rapping about genes

I like it! I know this will set off another round of culture sniping — get over it. You don’t personally have to like this genre, just as no one has to like every kind of music out there, and turning your nose up at one form doesn’t necessarily mean your taste is better than…