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Tangled Bank #113

You can view it in all of its time traveling glory at En Tequila Es Verdad.

It is good to be the king

But egads, it’s hard work keeping up with the Elizabethan chatter required of the job, all in a day’s work putting down yet another pretentious eruption of elitist bastards. Most cruelly mock and rip and shred

Carnivalia and an open thread

Hey, there’s some cool stuff out there: A new one! Carnival of Evolution #1 I and the Bird #82 Humanist Symposium #24 Carnival of the Liberals #72 The Skeptics’ Circle And of course, if there’s anything else you want to talk about, this is the thread to do it in.

Tangled Bank #112

The latest edition, Tangled Bank #112, is now available at Science Notes. This issue was delayed because I neglected to ride herd on it while I was off in the Galápagos, but the next edition, at En Tequila Es Verdad, will be on schedule next week, on 3 September. So get inspired by the latest…

Tangled Bank #111

You can now read Tangled Bank #111 at the denialism blog. It’s poetical!

Carnival of the Elitist Bastards #3

This is supposed to be the Carnival of the Elitist Bastards, a celebration of excessive arrogance and bare-knuckle commentary, where smart-assed brutes with swords for tongues receive their rightful acknowledgment. I have received two dozen requests for inclusion in the rolls of the Elitist Bastards. Alas, not one has met my standards. This is the…

Carnivalia and an open thread

Here’s some reading material for your Sunday afternoon. The Freethinker Sunday Sermonette is amusing today. The Hourglass, a new carnival on the biology of aging. I and the Bird #79 Humanist Symposium #22 Carnival of the Liberals #69 Carnival of the Godless #96 Friday Ark #200 The Giants’ Shoulders #1 The next Tangled Bank will…

Tangled Bank #109

Greg Laden has created a festival of LOLcats for the latest edition of the Tangled Bank. Should I be appalled or amused? Science is serious business! We never laugh, we’re all supposed to be like Mr Spock!

Carnivalia and an open thread

Read. The Four Stone Hearth Carnival of the Liberals #68 Friday Ark #198 Freethinker Sunday Sermonette (Irony that must be seen to be believed!) Carnival of the Godless #95 Greg Laden will be hosting the next Tangled Bank on 9 July. Submit now! Speak:

Are you an elitist bastard? I know I am! If you’re like me, then, you’ll appreciate a whole collection of unabashedly elitist, thoroughly bastardly sneers and tirades in the Carnival of the Elitist Bastards #2. Revel in it, you smug scoundrels. And hey, I’m helming this carnival at the end of July, so send me…