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Catching up with old news

I have been very, very bad. I have been neglecting my obligations as a member of the blogosphere to share links to interesting stuff, all because I’ve been busy with travel and work. I missed the Carnival of the Liberals, the Accretionary Wedge, I and the Bird, the Carnival of Space, and even the Carnival…

Tangled Bank #108

The latest edition of the Tangled Bank is now available at Wheatdogg.

Tangled Bank #107

This is a special edition of the Tangled Bank: you get to choose your own adventure!

Elitist bastards rule!

This is a carnival after my own heart: the first Carnival of the Elitist Bastards. They’re mean, cranky, and wonderfully charming.

And it must also be time for the 106th edition of the Tangled Bank. Read it! Check back at Pharyngula later — I’ve just arrived at the IEDG 2008 conference on Integrating Evolution, Development, and Genomics, and I’ll be filling you all in on the latest juicy cool evo-devo stuff.

Carnivalia and an open thread

We need an open thread! Here are a few carnivals to prime the pump. Humanist Symposium #19 I and the Bird #75 The Molecular and Cell Biology Carnival #2 Skeptics’ Circle #87 Carnival of the Liberals #65 Friday Ark #192

Tangled Bank #105

It’s up! The latest Tangled Bank is at The Beagle Project Blog.

Quickety-quick! The next Tangled Bank is going to be at the Beagle Project on Wednesday — so get those links in to me or real soon now. Now I’ve got a full afternoon, with an imminent role as a pie-throwing target, followed by my revenge on my students with my first final of finals…

Carnivalia and an open thread

Let’s catch up with the carnivals: I and the Bird #73 Carnival of the Fraudless Carnival of the Liberals #63 Skeptics’ Circle #85 We’ve got a new Tangled Bank at Dammit Jim! next Wednesday — send those links in to me or Libra: There’s a choice to be made. You can live fast and…

Tangled Bank #103

The 103rd edition of the Tangled Bank is now online at the Nature Network!