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May they rise to glory again!

Friday Cephalopod: Elegance & style

Friday Cephalopod: Happy Halloween!

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is offering a selection of Halloween e-cards…and you can guess which one I’m sending to you!

Friday Cephalopod: Alien beauty

Friday Cephalopod: UNFOLLOW

I just learned that the Blogess has “giant squid phobia”. Several people are aware of my severe giant squid phobia and lovingly (?) sent me this video of a giant squid attacking a Greenpeace submarine, and that’s unsettling enough, but WHY IS THERE ANOTHER SQUID BEHIND IT SPITTING OUT FIRE?  Is that a real thing?  Because I…

Friday Cephalopod: Always adorable

Watch. It’s very soothing.

Friday Cephalopod: Goin’ fishing

Watch the fishing lure action right here — also pay attention to the closeups that reveal how transparent Grimalditeuthis is. It would be so cool to be able to see our own guts like that.

Friday Cephalopod: They are the shadow

Friday Cephalopod: I was making mud pies!