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Sanity-saving tip: never visualize a nautilus from the perspective of its prey.

It will be a fine day to be glued to the computer, because TONMOCON VI is happening, and this year they’ll be broadcasting it on the internet. Some day I will be there, when I’m not stretched thin and tied down with classes.

Pacific striped octopuses like to get up close and personal when intimate. Can you blame them? Oooh, cephaloporny.

Friday Cephalopod: Skin

Friday Cephalopod: Definitely non-Euclidean

I stared at this for a while, trying to sort out what was what, and my mind began to slip into madness, so I figured it was perfect for Pharyngula.

This is an octopus eye: This is an octopus brain: I have to point this out because the creationist Eric Metaxas said a remarkable thing: But the octopus isn’t the only such miracle. “Convergent evolution” is all over nature, from powered flight evolving three times to each continent having its own version of the anteater.…

I saw it coming. The octopus genome was sequenced, and one scientist gushed about the differences between cephalopods and vertebrates, calling them “alien”, and that became the news. People really need to read the paper before reporting on it, because it emphasizes the relatedness of octopuses to other animals. But the creationists don’t care about…

Friday Cephalopod: Canned

Friday Cephalopod: Hairy & slimy

Allonautilus scrobiculatus is a rare species that can be distinguishes from the natty Nautilus pompilius by its hairy, slimy shell. That doesn’t seem like a distinction to be proud of, but I guess it takes all types to fill an ocean.

Friday Cephalopod: When in Seattle…

One must acknowledge the Giant Pacific Octopus.