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The guards should have known. Inky had just been biding his time, planning patiently. And then he scurried down a sewer pipe late at night, to freedom! If I’d been guarding him, I would have been suspicious of that poster of Ursula from The Little Mermaid that he’d requested, too, and would have regularly checked…

Friday Cephalopod: Good mommies

The Squid Scientists take a photo of their baby animals, and unwittingly reveal what they’re actually doing. Look behind the squid — I know it’s hard, why would you want to look past cephalopods? — and what do you see? That blurry poster in the background? It’s a space shuttle launch. And now you know.…

Pffft. Multicellularity is overrated.

They’re adorable! And you could watch them chase down, capture, and bloodily devour guppies! But they’re also delicate and demanding, and I sure wouldn’t rush to try…and I’m an experienced aquarist. But if you really must, here’s a discussion of a standard protocol.

A strange new octopod has been discovered deep in the ocean. There’s also a video.

This is a recently caught specimen of Onykia robusta, the third largest species of squid in the world. Everyone knows the colossal squid and the giant squid, which can get to be about 15 meters long, but the Robust Clubhook squid is #3 at 4 meters.

No restraint or decorum, they just go at it out there in public. It’s good to be the squid.