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Friday Cephalopod: Macabre

A dead pig was caged 300m beneath the sea, with a camera trained on it, as a subject in forensic research. It has a…visitor.

Looking gloriously sexy for their partners and spearing prey with their tentacles. I can do neither. Way to make me feel inadequate, cuttlefish.

TONMOCON VI (#tcon6) is on youtube

The whole dang conference is available in one giant 8 hour video, and here it is. That’s kind of indigestibly huge, so I’ve been going at it in small pieces. I started with Gabrielle Winters at about 5 hours in, with Cephalopod Neurogenomics: Insights into the Evolution of Complex Brains, just because that’s what I’m…

Friday Cephalopod: Octopus in disguise

Also, what’s Brian Switek doing, writing about cephalopods? He’s supposed to be writing about dinosaurs ! But first impressions can be deceiving. In truth, as I later learned from Klug, the paper nautilus is not a close relative of today’s pearly nautilus, nor is it an echo of the long-lost ammonoids. The creature that had…

Sanity-saving tip: never visualize a nautilus from the perspective of its prey.

It will be a fine day to be glued to the computer, because TONMOCON VI is happening, and this year they’ll be broadcasting it on the internet. Some day I will be there, when I’m not stretched thin and tied down with classes.

Pacific striped octopuses like to get up close and personal when intimate. Can you blame them? Oooh, cephaloporny.