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Friday Cephalopod: Yeeee-haaw!

Look closely at the eel in this picture. Look up around its head. Do you wonder what that odd little blob is? Now go see the animation. All will be clear.

Cephalopod meeting!

Unfortunately, this event is not on my calendar: the Cephalopod International Advisory Council (CIAC) is meeting 8-14 November in Hakodate, Japan, to discuss recent advances in cephalopod science (pdf). It looks delightful. I’ve always wanted to visit Japan. But alas, all I can do is tell you you should go.

How would you feel if NOAA sent a camera to snoop around your most intimate moments, huh?

Just yesterday, Japanese fishermen caught a 6m long giant squid, and it lived for a few hours before expiring. Here’s a video of the rare beastie swimming about, with shots of the tragic corpse afterwards.

Friday Cephalopod: En garde!

All right, I definitely want to go there. It also looks as though MBARI has a multi-barrel squid-sucker, according to this video. I want one!

Friday Cephalopod: Googly

And here’s a whole series of weird-eyed deep sea organisms:

Friday Cephalopod: It’s a montage!