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What is it with all the quacks on daytime TV?

I finally saw Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides tonight, and I’ve got to say…Tim Powers was robbed. It was a mess of a movie that wobbled from point to point, with no sense behind it, and a plot that had nothing to do with what I expected. Skip the theater and read…

Dan Savage + Tim Minchin

O Delight! Savage interviews Minchin. It’s beautiful. I’m also very sad. Minchin is coming to Minneapolis…on the same weekend I have to be in Las Vegas for TAM. Or I’d be there. You other Minnesotans better buy out every ticket to his performance so he’ll feel like coming back.

I must see this disaster movie

The new threat to humanity and specifically New York: A glacier. A really, really fast glacier. I hope everyone involved in creating it is really, really ashamed.

The music industry must be broken

I don’t understand how this could happen. You can buy the new Lady Gaga album for 99 cents? I am in shock. I also have it on my iPod now.

It’s an annoyance that the History Channel is part of the basic cable package I get — I haven’t watched the acceleratingly awful channel in years, but they still get by on their slice of the cable pie. Now they have announced that they will be turning the Bible into a “five-part, 10-hour scripted docu-drama…

I saw the new Thor movie tonight. I’ll give you the gist of the movie, with no spoiler details. First of all, atheists are allowed to watch the movie. The Asgardians are actually super-advanced aliens who live in a high-tech mega-city with trans-galactic transporter technology that uses wormholes. They use it to oppress distant worlds…

HBO has this show now — you’ve heard about it? — recreating a most excellent fantasy series by George R.R. Martin. I enjoy a good fantasy story, and I think Martin is a fabulous writer…but man, I read the books, and I felt burned. Here’s the basic premise established at the start of the first…

One movie, ruined!

In a too rare fit of quality, our local theater is showing The King’s Speech this week, which I keep hearing is wonderfully well made and a serious Oscar contender. I was thinking of going, but now Christopher Hitchens shreds its historicity — it’s about yet another royal fascist-sympathizer — and Katherine Preston explains that…

Valentine’s Day Video: Mummy?

I thought I had more than enough Valentine’s videos queued up for the day, but then this one was mentioned: Who would have thought that a video with puppets about a mummy would be the most romantic entry of the day? (via Neil Gaiman)