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I was lost, and then I was found

I received two packages the other day. The first was a substantial box, and when I opened it, I discovered a Bible, something called the Amplified Bible, a CD called “He is exalted” with recorded sermons just in case I was illiterate, a bookmark with a quote from Proverbs, a thank you note for allowing…

But you can point and laugh at it.

Many of us will sympathize

Join me, fellow nerds, in nodding in agreement with this comic. From the mouseover text: “Also, all financial analysis. And, more directly, D&D.” True again.

The divine right of penis

I thought this was pretty funny. But then I realized that this was the answer to the whole problem of the political assault on women by Republicans. If they don’t give a damn about women’s rights in the first place, we just have to reframe the whole question: Rick Perry and the whole lot of…

It’s so unfair

They never seem to understand why priests get singled out. If I claimed to have special privileges and attention from a super-being, shouldn’t I also accept some greater responsibilities? Unless I were just lying about being best friends with Superman, that is.

Creationism evolves!

The existence of Ken Ham proves that creationism changes, therefore proving that it is not absolute, inerrant truth as he claims, therefore Ken Ham disproves creationism. QED. We can all go home now. By the way, that’s not a bad diagram for illustrating the relationships of the various versions of creationism, except that the pedigree…

It’s a little late, I know

But how can I resist this telling of the True Story of Easter? Really, though, it’s no sillier than the standard story we get told.

This cartoon. Why? Because the first thing I do in the lab is hammer them on basic statistics, show them how to calculate p values, and struggle to keep them from over-interpreting their results.

How would you do?

Check out this hypothetic version of a science test for Christians. I thought it was really easy, but apparently, I got the answers all wrong.

It’s an honor to be in the chorus

I also like the theme of this song from George Hrab.