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What’s the opposite of education?

Plans are afoot to build a creation “science” education center in Henning, Minnesota — about two hours north of Morris. They plan to push the simple-minded literalist creationist claim that the earth is 6,000 years old and peddle the same BS that the Creation “Museum” does — it’s stark raving mad. These quotes tell the…

Because we’re all geeks and nerds.

More reasons not to debate creationists

I’m going to be in this silly debate on “Should Intelligent Design Be Taught In The Schools?” with creationist kook Jerry Bergman on 16 November, sponsored by CASH and the local Kook Central. The latest hangup, though, is that the creationists want to have a pre- and post-debate survey, and they plan to give the…

Shame on the University of Minnesota!

It’s disgraceful. During some football game, our mascot, Goldy the Gopher, mocked a player on the opposing team who thought it was appropriate to ostentatiously kneel down and publicly pray. Now Goldy wasn’t the disgrace (I have a new-found respect for our goofy guy in a costume), nor was the young lady who came out…

First snow!

This could be ominous — we’re getting our first snowfall right now. It’s coming down wet and heavy, too. I knew this was going to happen. I’d made arrangements for a contractor to come by and do some fairly substantial improvements to the insulation of the house — we’re having a couple of doors and…

Yay! Mother Jones likes us!

Mother Jones magazine has posted a list of “ten cool schools that will blow your mind, not your budget”, and UMM is on it. I look forward to the surge of Birkenstock-wearing, granola-munching, eco-freaking freshman students joining us next year.

Why I am glad Al Franken is our senator

(via Wonkette)


Old-timers may recall that there was a little event last year that had a lot of people riled up — there were angry letters to me and my university, with frequent demands for my immediate firing. The university stood up for academic freedom, I’m happy to say, but there was one other concern. A lot…

Minneapolis Free Iran protest

Apologies for the short notice, but today at noon, there will be a march to show solidarity with the people of Iran. Meet at Hennepin and West Lake in Uptown for a peaceful gathering and march.

The inanity strikes home sometimes

I got a very annoying announcement on our university listserv today. Among the usual community and campus events, it says: Please mark your calendars: Don Bierle, PhD in Biology, polar explorer, and former skeptic, shares FaithSearch Discovery at Morris Area High School Sunday, September 27, 6:30 pm. This event is sponsored by Stevens County Ministerial…