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This is a lovely little song with a nice twist at the end. (Last edition of TET; Current totals: 12,856 entries with 1,460,095 comments.) By popular request, The Endless Thread is now on Freethoughtblogs!

I saw this in one of the comments here and thought it was sweet. (Last edition of TET; Current totals: 12,843 entries with 1,458,229 comments.)

It’s been one of those days. I gave my talk at #ssa2011, and unfortunately…my flash drive turned out to be unreadable on all of the machines there, so I had to do it without any visual aids. I ended up at several points waving at a blank screen and asking everyone to imagine what was…

Episode CCXXXVI: I may skip this one

Kevin Smith’s next movie looks terrifying: Porky’s meets The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. (Warning: video NSFW) (Last edition of TET; Current totals: 12,832 entries with 1,454,907 comments.)

This strange Japanese video was mention in the last edition of TET, and I had to put it here to help dilute the puzzlement and weirdness. I think it’s an anatomy lesson or something. (Current totals: 12,825 entries with 1,453,181 comments.)

Episode CCXXXIV: Troll hunting

I like how they’re destroyed when you shine a light on them. (Last edition of TET; Current totals: 12,821 entries with 1,452,156 comments.)

Episode CCXXXIII: Ocean dreaming

Sometimes, you just need some whale songs to get you through the day. (Last edition of TET; Current totals: 12,811 entries with 1,450,309 comments.)

I had no idea we were so powerful. The loon in this video describes the ways Communists will undermine True American values: by promoting feminism, environmentalism, homosexuality, and atheism. Squeee! He’s talking about Pharyngula! I think I’m pretty much an anti-Cleon Skousen, too. (Last edition of TET; Current totals: 12,801 entries with 1,448,175 comments.)

I knew that last thread would fill up ridiculously fast — all one has to do is bait the idiots and draw in a mob of dullards to shout “Derp!” and we’re done. So here’s something that won’t invite the clowns. (Current totals: 12,792 entries with 1,446,366 comments.)

I have to throw in more videos featuring Rebecca Watson around here, just to piss off the clueless men. She does such a good job of that. Or maybe next time I’ll put up some clip of Amanda Marcotte, to mix it up a little and make them cry harder. (Last edition of TET; Current…