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I had to include the video from this post. (Last edition of TET; Current totals: 12,765 entries with 1,441,820 comments.)

Episode CCXXVIII: How to make a baby

The embryologists’ way. (Last edition of TET; Current totals: 12,751 entries with 1,439,596 comments.)

Episode CCXXVII: Good timing

Mary and I are on the way home; McCarran Airport has free wi-fi; and I notice that the Endless Thread is full. So, yay, fast update just before I get on an airplane. (Current totals: 12,737 entries with 1,437,530 comments.)

Episode CCXXVI: Aliens on the brain

I’m supposed to talk about aliens, skeptically, tomorrow — the constraints of fitting some science into a mere half hour talk, though, mean that it’s actually going to be fairly narrow talk about why functional constraints don’t dictate the pattern of evolutionary solutions. But if I had a few hours, the nonsense in this video…

That’s why I’m posting this video. (Last edition of TET; Current totals: 12,716 entries with 1,433,426 comments.)

He’s been dead for 68 years, but I’m sure that if we just applied enough voltage to his grave he’d rise up and party with us today. (Last edition of TET; Current totals: 12,705 entries with 1,430,185 comments.)

Episode CCXXIII: Slow. Calm. Quiet.

I think you’ve seen this video before, but take it to heart this time. Just watch the slow gentle build, let your mind cool, savor a scene from the mysterious deep dark sea. This is the way my drugs have made me feel all afternoon. I could be that coleoid. (Last edition of TET; Current…

We all know it is auto-tuned, and that many of you hate autotuning, so for those of you who can’t stand the stuff, don’t listen to this, and that way you won’t have to complain to the rest of us. At least this isn’t like those damned chimes going off every 15 minutes in the…

Episode CCXXI: Awesomely profane

If you have delicate ears, you might want to skip this video: Billy Connolly will blister them with either the sacrilegious content or that ferocious Scottish accent. I liked ’em both. (Last edition of TET; Current totals: 12,678 entries with 1,424,817 comments.)

Episode CCXX: ZOMGItsCriss!

Good news! Several people have been working hard to get the most awesome YouTuber Christina Rad to visit the US, and she has just been issued a visa to allow her to come to TAM this year! So the legal hurdles have been cleared, and now the next step is a fundraiser to cover her…