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I’m off to Convergence, which has a steampunk theme: I’ve got lots of leather for a sorta costume, just to blend in, and my wife looks very hot in a bit of jungle explorer garb. The place will be swarming with Skepchicks, too! Also, you may recall, there was a little bet involving my daughter,…

Episode CCXVIII: Hard believer

Nice song. (Last edition of TET; Current totals: 12,639 entries with 1,415,586 comments.)

Episode CCXVII: Just happy noises

The New York legislature has just approved a same-sex marriage bill, and it just awaits the governor’s signature to become the law. Six states now offer marriage equality — only 44 more to go. Congratulations to New York for finally doing the right thing. (Last edition of TET; Current totals: 12,620 entries with 1,412,228 comments.)

Since I ran into this on that furry blog, I knew it had to go here. A perfectly distilled 8 minutes of nothing but the Kraken scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean — no plot, no dialog, just tentacles everywhere. Yay! (Last edition of TET; Current totals: 12,589 entries with 1,407,476 comments.)

Episode CCXV: Atheists sing, too

We don’t need no hymns, we just need songs like this. (Last edition of TET; Current totals: 12,563 entries with 1,404,477 comments.)

And is that such a bad thing? Neil Patrick Harris shows why he is awesome. (Last edition of TET; Current totals: 12,545 entries with 1,401,056 comments.)

Oooh, Evil Science and Evil Technology. You know this clip is nonsense, though, because there is no Evil Biology. (Last edition of TET; Current totals: 12,529 entries with 1,398,134 comments.)

Episode CCXII: Trains!

I do love taking the train — it’s such a civilized way to travel. I did this yesterday: And I get to do it in reverse today! (Last edition of TET; Current totals: 12,508 entries with 1,395,412 comments.)

Episode CCXI: Women can’t drive

Manal al-Sharif has been arrested for the crime of driving a car in Saudi Arabia while having a vagina. Sign the petition, watch the video, talk about it. (Last edition of TET; Current totals: 12,492 entries with 1,393,155 comments.)

Episode CCVIII: Adorable and Angry

I understand some of you might recognize the tune. (Last edition of TET; Current totals: 12,358 entries with 1,371,670 comments.)