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The Seattle aquarium isn’t playing the matchmaking game with their octopuses anymore, for a chilling reason: they’re afraid that a date might turn into a public cannibal orgy. I don’t recall that peril from my youth, back when I was actively dating. I’m lucky to have escaped Seattle alive!

They’re already in their pajamas. The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a new exhibit of the Striped Pyjama Squid. Guess what they look like?

Friday Cephalopod: Pretty in Pink

But also deadly, the prettiest kind of pink there is.

This is a new one: an octopus farm. Kanaloa Octopus Farm is open for business — for $200, you can get your very own pet octopus. Unfortunately, they’re caught in a chicken-and-egg problem. You should not encourage the capture of cephalopods in the wild, so it’s a great idea to have a breeding program to…

Friday Cephalopod: Baby done growed up

Don’t you just love those photo series of the young’uns at different ages? Shigeno et al. Zoological Letters (2015) 1:26

Japan and the awesome Christmas miracle

Toyama Bay got a visit from a mythological being, all dressed in red, on Christmas day. It was beautiful. It seems to be Architeuthis dux, and is about 4 meters long. It just cruised in, ambled about, and the authorities plan to just let it swim away. If it can — giant squid on the…

Spider gastrulation

It’s my first completely free day of Christmas break! Grades are all submitted, nothing is hanging over my head, but I still got up at 5:30am and needed to do something, so I learned about spider gastrulation. This was a disgraceful gap in my knowledge — I’ve worked on insects and on vertebrates, and am…

Friday Cephalopod: Big Octo is watching you

We’ll have to advance the invasion plan. A scout squad of paper nautiluses have been exposed off the coast of California. Several of the scouts bravely tried to wrest the camera from the spy, but failed. We’re going to have to send some muscle to accompany the reconnaissance patrols from now on — all we…