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No, really, there’s a connection.

Friday Cephalopod: I was making mud pies!

Prepare yourself. The Te Papa Museum of New Zealand has a new specimen locked in a vault: a colossal squid that will be thawed and dissected (they think!) on streaming video. Here is the necromantic chamber. Wait! No protective runes, no array of emergency thuribles, no pentagram, no mysterious idols of jade and obsidian? This…

Mary’s Monday Metazoan: Thrippy

You’ve just got to love the word “thrip”.

Mary’s Monday Metazoan: Spongy

What an awful name for such a graceful animal.

I think this is rather awesome: a detailed examination of the Cambrian fossil Hallucigenia, specifically an examination of the fine structure of its claws, has revealed clear affinities of the long extinct form to this adorable little guy, the velvet worm.