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This is an octopus eye: This is an octopus brain: I have to point this out because the creationist Eric Metaxas said a remarkable thing: But the octopus isn’t the only such miracle. “Convergent evolution” is all over nature, from powered flight evolving three times to each continent having its own version of the anteater.…

Mary’s Monday Metazoan: Spot the Monarch!

I took an awful grainy cell phone picture yesterday, one where it’s hard to see the subjects for the sun glare. But really, this is amazing: Fifteen years ago when I started out at UMM, our intro biology course had an exercise where students were given butterfly nets and sent out to capture, tag, and…

Friday Cephalopod: Canned

Friday Cephalopod: Hairy & slimy

Allonautilus scrobiculatus is a rare species that can be distinguishes from the natty Nautilus pompilius by its hairy, slimy shell. That doesn’t seem like a distinction to be proud of, but I guess it takes all types to fill an ocean.

Mary’s Monday Metazoan: School’s in

Classes start Wednesday. I am not ready.

Those whales. Such jokers.

Here’s a scientist talking about the great difficulty of finding whales out on the open ocean. Wouldn’t you know it…? That’s excellent comedic timing. I hear they’re also big-hearted.

Friday Cephalopod: When in Seattle…

One must acknowledge the Giant Pacific Octopus.

Well, cool. We’ve got preliminary analysis of the octopus genome, and it’s full of tantalizing goodies, but it’s very preliminary, and the Nature news and comment left me unimpressed. One of the things they seemed to think was a big deal was that Octopus has more genes than we do. Surprisingly, the octopus genome turned…

Botanical Wednesday: I need!

We’re leaving for the West coast on Friday, and of course my creaky old joints are lancing me with stabby excruciating pain. I have seen my doctor. I have pills. Because I must restore myself with red cedar, Sitka spruce, sea stacks, tide pools, banana slugs, great herds of sea urchins, and the ocean and…