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TONMOCON VI (#tcon6) is on youtube

The whole dang conference is available in one giant 8 hour video, and here it is. That’s kind of indigestibly huge, so I’ve been going at it in small pieces. I started with Gabrielle Winters at about 5 hours in, with Cephalopod Neurogenomics: Insights into the Evolution of Complex Brains, just because that’s what I’m…

Friday Cephalopod: Octopus in disguise

Also, what’s Brian Switek doing, writing about cephalopods? He’s supposed to be writing about dinosaurs ! But first impressions can be deceiving. In truth, as I later learned from Klug, the paper nautilus is not a close relative of today‚Äôs pearly nautilus, nor is it an echo of the long-lost ammonoids. The creature that had…

Sanity-saving tip: never visualize a nautilus from the perspective of its prey.

Pacific striped octopuses like to get up close and personal when intimate. Can you blame them? Oooh, cephaloporny.

Friday Cephalopod: Skin