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Is it Shark Week again? I wouldn’t know, because their destructive and dishonest portrayals of these amazing animals was a major factor leading me to turn off the Discovery Channel and never watch it again. Read David Shiffman’s essay on the abuses of sharks, and join the rest of us in contributing to Discovery’s declining…

Especially if you’re a cuttlefish.

Behold, the newly rediscovered Malatgan River caecilian. When my ankle acts up, I begin to think that maybe these critters were smarter than I am in jettisoning all those messy, complicated limbs.

You can stop emailing me now. Everyone on the planet has seen Opisthoteuthis adorabilis, fallen in love, and demanded that I feature it in a Friday Cephalopod. OK!

Good news, everyone! The US Fish and Wildlife Service has decided that captive chimpanzees deserve the same protection as wild chimpanzees. We’ve been living for years with a peculiar split decision that says it is illegal to experiment on some chimps, the ones still living in the wild, but other chimps, those that live in…

Friday Cephalopod: Senescence

The giant cuttlefish fades and dies after mating. Somehow they maintain a little dignity in dying.

Celebrate the occasion, appreciate what’s going on in the deep!

Friday Cephalopod: Stand determined

Mary’s Monday Metazoan: Sawing