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Friday Cephalopod: She’s showing

Friday Cephalopod: Emergence!

Vast, dense swarms of migrating squid, all swirling about a boat. How can the sailors resist leaping into the water with them? I’m picturing millions of tiny beaks, each taking a tiny nip, and millions of tentacles, each stroking and rasping away a thin layer of skin, all in endless succession. And then as the…

There is, and today is it. This is World Tapir Day!

Friday Cephalopod: Sexually voracious!

I am sure that’s exactly what you think when you see a picture of vampire squid. But it’s true! Where most cephalopods do the deed once, spawn, and die, Vampyroteuthis has multiple cycles of reproduction. Unfortunately, they’re also cold, gelatinous, and lethargic…which, if you think about it, is also what the undead vampire of myth…

This leafhopper is a myrmecomorph – it has sprouted lumpy dark extensions of its carapace that resemble an ant. It spends its whole life living in a costume!

They know how to use gadgets!