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Pffft. Multicellularity is overrated.

Now I’m seeing exploding plants everywhere.

A guy finds a hole in his wall, and behind it, a strange leathery brown mass. He pulls it out — first mistake. He cuts it open — second mistake. Within… It’s a wasp nest stuffed full of dead spiders, each with an egg planted in them. It’s just adorable. There are more photos. I…

They’re adorable! And you could watch them chase down, capture, and bloodily devour guppies! But they’re also delicate and demanding, and I sure wouldn’t rush to try…and I’m an experienced aquarist. But if you really must, here’s a discussion of a standard protocol.

So now I’m thinking Mexico.

Mary’s Monday Metazoan: Not candy

No, you’ll never convince me to eat it.

A strange new octopod has been discovered deep in the ocean. There’s also a video.

Needs more milkweed. By the way, my colleague at UMM, Margaret Kuchenreuther, was recently on our local gardening show, Prairie Yard and Garden, to talk about the plants and the monarchs. You can watch it here!

Clearly, the best place for the mysterious island lair of a super-villain who likes invertebrates has to be Christmas Island. So cuddly! I wonder if I could swap our cat for one?

This is a recently caught specimen of Onykia robusta, the third largest species of squid in the world. Everyone knows the colossal squid and the giant squid, which can get to be about 15 meters long, but the Robust Clubhook squid is #3 at 4 meters.