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I’d wear it on my lapel, with the nice pocket watch on my vest and my jeweled monocle. I know. I’m a slob. But I could change! I’ve been reading fantasy regency novels, and could get into the style. Carriger has even posted suggestions for improving the stylishness of us uncaring nerds. Also, I’ve been…

Friday Cephalopod: Yeeee-haaw!

Look closely at the eel in this picture. Look up around its head. Do you wonder what that odd little blob is? Now go see the animation. All will be clear.

How would you feel if NOAA sent a camera to snoop around your most intimate moments, huh?

Mary’s Monday Metazoan: Braaaaaaains

This is the head of a tapeworm that takes up residence in people’s skulls. You aren’t trying to eat dinner right now, are you?

They absolutely refuse to touch themselves.

Friday Cephalopod: En garde!

I found this picture on a site called “Wedding Flowers”, which is kind of interesting, since 30% of yellow evening primroses reproduce asexually. I think that means it’s the best wedding flower for marriages in which the partners intend to clone themselves.