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I saw this video and that description, and my first thought was “siphonophore”. Got it in one.

Friday Cephalopod: TONMOCON is coming!

Oh, my…the meeting looks very interesting, especially that one titled “Cephalopod Neurogenomics: Insights into the evolution of complex brains”. Can I escape to Florida that early in the semester? Can I afford it? My schedule and my wallet are moaning “noooooo…”

Mary’s Monday Metazoan: Sad kiwi

This bird may be doomed. It’s genome has been sequenced, and there is very little genetic diversity in the remaining populations.

Friday Cephalopod: the Blob

Divers discovered this gigantic transparent blob floating in the sea off the Turkish coast. What could it be?


Friday Cephalopod: Emergence

At least, not the pink ones.

Uh, maybe not. What if it gives you a tiny little nibble? Now, 10 minutes later, you notice something strange. Your lips are going numb. So is your face. You want to yell for help but can’t: It’s getting harder to speak. And your stomach feels—oh, gross! Right in front of everyone. Somebody calls an…