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Hey, Norway!

I have more imminent travel plans. I’ll be at the World Humanist Conference in Oslo this coming weekend, and then on Monday the 15th I’ll be doing this: Sted: Asylet, Grønland 28 [kart] Tid: Fra kl. 18 og utover Facebook-event Paul Z. Myers er en amerikansk biolog som jobber ved University of Minnesota Morris, og…

Peter and Annie sent me a present, all the way from Australia — a selection of teas, and this magnificent infuser that I’m now going to be using every morning. Thanks very much!

Ardent Atheist podcast

Tonight at 7pm PST/10pm EST it’s time for part 2 of the Ardent Atheist podcast. The first half was played last week; tonight I think it’s the part where we discovered that one among us, Suzanne Whang, was rather on the woo side of the spirituality thing, so we all took turns hammering brutally on…

My apologies for my neglect

I’m at #TAM! I’ve been busy all day! I hung out with ZOMGitsCriss! I still haven’t finished my talk (also, I’m sandwiched between Jennifer Michael Hecht and Pamela Gay in the schedule, oh cruel fate)! I have to go to a party! Blog, what’s that? See, I’ve got priorities.

Live! On the Radio!

I’ll be talking with Barry Lynn this afternoon at 3pm ET. I guess it’s live, and you can even call in (866-582-9933) with questions. I wonder what we’ll talk about?

Selling out?

Hey, gang! You may have seen a few hints that there will be some changes around here, semi-imminently. Any interruptions in service should be brief to non-existent, but I have some concerns that if the blog goes a-wandering or falls under new management, there will be some drop-off in traffic…and some drop-off in my revenues,…

As threatened

I said I would replicate this photo with my daughter, and we tried. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten older and hairier, and she doesn’t wear frilly pink dresses anymore, but otherwise, she’s exactly the same as she was 18 or 19 years ago.

I’ve been neglectful because these rascals at Convergence have been keeping me occupied, but here’s another podcast to tide you over while I’m distracted.

I get email

I know I usually post the crazy wacky stuff under this title, but to be honest, that’s actually a minority of the stuff that finds its way to my inbox: most of it is neutral in tone, a lot of it is telling me I must write about subject X, but some of it is…

It was recorded, and now you can listen to it on Hari’s podcast.