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Need advice from some of you Brits

Hey, I’ve got a few days free at the tag end of my trip to Ireland and the UK. Would it be a good idea to pop in to visit the Cheltenham Science Festival? Is it easy to get to, and once I get there, will it be easy and reasonable to get lodging for…

Ireland! Scotland! England!

I’m beginning to feel like I’m a bit organized for my visit to the Ireland and the UK next week. Here’s when and where. 3-5 June: DUBLIN. I’ll be attending the World Atheist Convention, and speaking at noon on 4 June. 6 June: GLASGOW. I’ll be speaking to the Glasgow Skeptics at 7:00 in the…

Next week in St Paul

I’ll be on Minnesota Public Radio on 31 May, on a program called Bright Ideas, in front of a live studio audience, which will probably pepper me with obnoxious questions. Or fun questions. We’ll find out. This event may have already been ‘sold’ out (tickets are free) — but you locals can try to get…

I’m on the BEASTcast

I guess Josh couldn’t get that post-Rapture interview with Harold Camping, so he settled for the next best thing: me.

By the way…

GRADES ARE DONE AND TURNED IN! I’ve got a nice bottle of wine and a wild woman on the way. Or I might just pass out and sleep.

I’ve added another engagement in London on 9 June: An evening with Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers. There will be a steel cage. Two enter, one leaves. We’ll settle who will be Emperor of the Atheists, finally. Well, actually, it will just be a pleasant conversation, hosted by the British Humanist Association. If you’re interested…

JackC has posted images from the Friggatriskaidekaphobia event this past weekend…and also from our tour of the Penn Museum. Guess who the people in this photo are:

Another day at the spaceport for me

I’m about to head off to that wretched hive of scum and villainy, the Philadelphia airport, to make the Morris run (we’ll do it in less than 12 parsecs!) I just wish TSA would lighten up now that that horrible terrorist is dead.


I’ll be back in online action in a while, but I thought I’d just mention that we had a grand time at the anti-superstition party, and today we had an equally lovely time touring the U Penn Museum with a few of the regular commenters (I hope they’ll link to some of the photos they…

Even if they did make him wear a funny hat at his graduation this past weekend. OK, yes, he isn’t always so serious. He’s also currently single, and soon to be stationed in California.