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Some men’s magazine was planning a cheesy promotion: they were going to include inflatable breasts with an issue. Sad news, though: the crate has been lost at sea. There is some speculation that pirates are responsible. Very lonely, tasteless pirates.

Vital news for this sacred day!

I am not yet in Madison, but I am in the Land of the Cheeseheads and am about to hit the road and expect to be there by early afternoon. And then I discover two coincidences, one happy and one mildly problematic. By my good luck, Ron Numbers is speaking on the campus today, at…


It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day, so let’s all heave a hearrrty “Arrr” and down a ration of grog. Also, more significantly, today is the day of the Freshman Biology Major Mixer! In case any of our new biology majors at UMM didn’t get the word, but do read the blog, here’s the deal: party…

Why pirates are better than ninjas

This would be something like Reason #5,422. Another reason is that there’s no such thing as “Talk Like a Ninja Day”. (Psssst…19 September. Arrrr.)

Just stop it now

Look at this: now the Intelligent Design creationists are branching out into pirate fashion. They’re everywhere!

Giant squid and pirates?

It’s like TMBG wrote this song just for me. (via Laughing Squid)

This is all topsy-turvy. Iceland was raided by pirates 380 years ago? I should hope they would have responded by manning the longships and returning the favor.

Pirate economics?

Normally, I can’t be motivated to read economics—no offense, economists, but I think the economics part of my brain got left behind on one of my many moves around the country, and it was locked in to one particular latitude and longitude anyway—but maybe adding a little swashbuckling and really bad puns in the title…

The hot new gadget

While once I might have pined for an iPhone, I think right now I might prefer an rPhone. Arrr. Watch out, Apple.

First they came for the pirates…

Morgan Smith is six years old and is going to have a birthday party with a pirate theme. His parents hoisted a Jolly Roger up the flagpole, and…boom, some officious titzypritzel goes bustling off to the city council to complain. Down goes the flag. Now there is what a deranged bureaucrat might call a “happy…