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Get writing!

OK, gang, I know we’re on a shorter than normal interval here, but still — you haven’t been submitting enough stuff for the Tangled Bank. Write a science post right now and send a link to me. You can do it.

Tangled Bank #112

The latest edition, Tangled Bank #112, is now available at Science Notes. This issue was delayed because I neglected to ride herd on it while I was off in the Galápagos, but the next edition, at En Tequila Es Verdad, will be on schedule next week, on 3 September. So get inspired by the latest…

Hey! What happened to the Tangled Bank?

Uh-oh. We were scheduled to have a Tangled Bank while I was off gallivanting in the southern hemisphere, and I guess it didn’t happen. Shall we have a belated carnival at Science Notes on Wednesday, the 27th? Send in the links and we’ll try to pull it together.

Tangled Bank #111

You can now read Tangled Bank #111 at the denialism blog. It’s poetical!

Tangled Bank #110

The Tangled Bank was scheduled to appear on the Blue Collar Scientist this week, but as many of you already know, Jeff was diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma, and obviously he has more important issues to tend. So let’s leap into some science right here right now! What’s with all the birds? We’ve got two articles…

A slight delay

We were supposed to have a new edition of the Tangled Bank this week, at the Blue Collar Scientist — but has more serious real-life issues with which to contend, so unsurprisingly it has not made it up yet, and I haven’t heard back from my email query. If I don’t hear anything by this…

Tangled Bank #109

Greg Laden has created a festival of LOLcats for the latest edition of the Tangled Bank. Should I be appalled or amused? Science is serious business! We never laugh, we’re all supposed to be like Mr Spock!

Tangled Bank #108

The latest edition of the Tangled Bank is now available at Wheatdogg.

Tangled Bank needs your entries

It’s time to send your links in to me for the next edition of the Tangled Bank, to be held at Wheat-dogg’s World on Wednesday.

Tangled Bank #107

This is a special edition of the Tangled Bank: you get to choose your own adventure!