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Me & Thunderf00t & some comedians

We’re on the Ardent Atheist show this evening sometime. Tune in!

Yesterday, I listened to the talks by Sadie Crabtree and Carol Tavris on the art of persuasion, and how we can further our cause by applying the science of psychology. Today, I sat on a panel with Sadie and Carol, and also Phil Plait and Eugenie Scott and Jamy Ian Swiss, discussing communicating skepticism. I…

Then maybe you’ll be interested in joining the Pharyngula horde at the Garden Buffet at 6pm (and later) for whatever. It’s a Pharyngula meetup in the casino!

Kilstein coming to LA

I got to see the loud, ferocious Jamie Kilstein performing tonight, so I thought I’d let all of you in Los Angeles know that you better not miss his show on 18 July. He’ll make you tremble in fear like the good godless liberal he is.

Don’t you just love those gotcha moments from creationists? They think they’ve got you stumped with some hard question, and then it turns out to be something crazy/stupid. Did you know that all planets in our universe are on the exact same plane with the exception on Pluto. If one single planet’s orbit were to…

Jen flaunts the look

As some of you may know, one of Skepticon‘s yearly fundraisers is the sale of cheesecake calendars — and Jen McCreight is in the new one, tastefully posed. See? You don’t have to take off your clothes to look good. Why, when I showed up for the photo shoot, they were prepared for me, and…

Farewell, Space Shuttle

Less than two hours from now, the space shuttle takes off on its final mission, then…I don’t know what. I guess we’re handing off orbital flights to private contractors, which might represent a positive development, but we’ll have to see. Good luck storming outer space, NASA!

Now Amanda Marcotte speaks out on an issue that greatly engaged the community here over the weekend. How about if you take your arguments over there this time; we’re kinda full up. Also, I just know I’m going to regret this, but this cartoon made me laugh, even though the expression is all wrong —…

I honestly had no idea that David Mamet had turned into a flaming right-wing moron. And now he receives his comeuppance: his latest book is reviewed by Christopher Hitchens.