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It’s always a surprise. I’m lounging in St Paul with an iced tea, browsing the City Pages, the news and arts weekly, and after reading a good article about the recent pharmaceutical debacle with levaquin, I turn the page, and there’s my name. dang, that’s right — I’m expected to perform.


It’s true, and it has been empirically evaluated: Guinness really does taste better in Ireland. The results of the Guinness-tasting t-test were clear. Pints consumed in Ireland had a mean GOES score of 74, compared with a score of 57 in pubs outside Ireland. While Ireland may not necessarily keep the best stuff to itself,…

…the fear he fosters spreads around the world. This woman, fearful of the end of the world, took a boxcutter to the throats of her two daughters, and then sliced her own throat. This is what religion encourages: fear based on imaginary terrors. Here’s a man who committed suicide in Nairobi. Here’s a family torn…

I’m busy in DC this weekend, so I thought I might just dick with you all by letting Pharyngula go dead for the whole weekend, as if I’d been raptured. But I decided to be nice and at least mention that I’m still earthbound. (Although there was a scary moment on the plane last night,…

It’s a great lead: Atheists have better sex. Sign me up already. Put it on billboards, too.

Minnesota sometimes sucks

It’s embarrassing. Not only do we have Michele Bachmann, but the last election swept in a gang of know-nothing Rethuglican scum who’ve been trying to turn our state into Texas. Now they’ve invited the notorious evangelical crank Bradlee Dean to give an opening prayer. Dean, for those who don’t know of him, is a kind…

Time to panic

The CDC has issued a preparedness warning for the Zombie Apocalypse. I’m stockpiling water and shotgun shells now. Remember, AIM FOR THE HEAD.

Newt is looking fabulous

He came to Minneapolis to whimper about gay marriage, and he got glittered. Although the guy at the end who menacingly claims that they [Republicans?] don’t disturb their [gay?] events is rather creepy. I think the fact that they want to police what goes on in the bedroom goes beyond disturbing.

Episode CCIX: On vacation!

The Endless Thread is showing signs of stress and fatigue. I know, it wants to keep working, and it would probably willingly continue to sit there at its desk, scribbling madly, until it had a heart attack and keeled over, but as a kindly taskmasker hoping to wring a few more years of cheap labor…

It’s a math problem

Everyone go say Happy Birthday to Larry Moran!