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I’m getting a lot of sad stories about bloggers struggling financially, and I just thought I’d mention a few of them. There’s the perennially struggling Gary Farber, of course. He’s a blogger emeritus, having been around for several years longer than I have. Check out his left sidebar for options to help him out. Gary…

Happy Anniversary to Gary Farber

He has kept his blog Amygdala going for 9 years now. I have to keep Pharyngula up and running for two more years to catch up with him! (Oh, wait, then he’ll have been going for 11 years…dang.)

It was a long day and a late evening yesterday at Primer Coloquio Mexicano de Ateísmo, and today I plan on doing some sightseeing in Mexico City. I also met a lot of Mexican atheists and skeptics and scientists yesterday, and some of them have blogs and podcasts…so here, Spanish speakers, is a list of…

Breathtaking editorial arrogance

A woman wrote an article on LiveJournal, freely available to readers and for her own interests, and then the managing editor of a small magazine picked it up and published it, without notification and without, of course, payment. When the author contacted the editor and pointedly brought up the matter of the ethical lapse, suggesting…

Going rogue

It’s a dreary phrase when Sarah Palin says it, but it’s true for Citizen Radio: they’ve gone independent, but are still making podcasts with that sharp combination of comedy and interviews. The latest episode features Rachel Maddow. Yeah, you liberals need to listen to it.

We teach developmental biology at UMM

I’m back to teaching developmental biology this term, and one of the things I do in my upper level classes is have students write blog entries on the themes of the course. In the past, I’ve given them space right here to do that, which I’ve found to be a parlous course of action —…

Congratulations to Bora

The web community man is making the leap to a position at Scientific American. Congratulations! Wait, though…he’s leaving PLoS? That’s kind of a lateral transfer…but maybe the commercial world is more profitable.

Sniny new scienceblogging aggregator

Check out scienceblogging.org — it looks useful. I do wonder if independent science blogs that aren’t part of a network will suffer, though — while The Panda’s Thumb makes the cut, Highly Allocthonous and a lot of other science blogs didn’t.

Wedding bells on Sciblogs

Josh Rosenau has happy news: he got married and by now is locked into the connubial borg. Be nice for a brief moment and wish him well.

I remember seeing sporadic bursts of activity here when Digg, one of the big aggregator sites, would link to something here, but I haven’t seen that in a while — but now I learn that there is a fanatically active group of conservative haters at work over there. They call themselves Digg Patriots (“patriots” is…