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True Science for Boys

Ah, the 19th century…when mad scientists were really mad, and not only that, they were popular at parties. In 1818, Dr Ure and Professor Jeffray obtained the freshly killed corpse of Matthew Clydesdale, only an hour from the hangman’s noose, and proceeded to experiment on it with a battery in the Glasgow University anatomy theater…

I get email

There is a shifting pattern of spam email that I get. A while back, it was practically non-stop gay porn; I commented on this a while back, and laughed it off, which apparently annoyed the people who’d been sending it to me. I think they expected me to be stressed and conflicted and angry at…

Could be trouble: the other apes are learning how to make fire, and you know where that ended up with us. (via sci-ence) (Also on FtB)

Have fun and go visit the Missing Universe Museum online. You will feel as if you are finally getting close to the bottom of human stupidity. Every page promotes this argument: If you don’t believe God created all living things, male and female, in 6 days…. How many millions of years was it between the…

These canny engineers have at last realized that the proper model for robots is biological, and have built a soft-bodied walking robot. The future belongs to inflatable technology! Have no fear. They’re mostly benign. (Also on FtB)

Am I on a slippery slope?

Inspired by Skepticon, several of the speakers at that event have been redrawn as ponies. Is the next step…furries? (Also on FtB)


See? Sometimes cute things can cheer me up. Oooh, and I wanna give you all the souls you want, you adorable little slime-beast. (Also on FtB)

Boring old Lorem Ipsum

You’ve probably seen that placeholder text for websites in progress — piles of nonsense Latin that’s just there to represent sample text. Now there’s something better: the Samuel L. Ipsum generator. Next time you’re designing a website for a church or pre-school, use this program to build up some random text for your demonstration. (via…

I get email

I’m not going to post this email I received, simply because it is insanely long, 15,000 words of random caps and peculiar color changes. Just to give you a taste, this is the subject line: Subject: SCIENCE, AND THEOLOGY {{ Cogent Word for the 100′s of new ears in Science and theology we contacted/called last…


Remember: it’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day. I have to give a lecture on the evolution of the nervous system today. I don’t think I can do it with a plethora of “arrr’s” unless I drink a lot of rum first. (Also on FtB)