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Friday Cephalopod: Emergence

At least, not the pink ones.

Uh, maybe not. What if it gives you a tiny little nibble? Now, 10 minutes later, you notice something strange. Your lips are going numb. So is your face. You want to yell for help but can’t: It’s getting harder to speak. And your stomach feels—oh, gross! Right in front of everyone. Somebody calls an…

I’m going to stay away from Mary for a while. It was a busy weekend for both of us, we’re both really tired, and then she sends me this as an appropriate organism. I’m trying to read the message in sending a picture of a botfly to your spouse. Don’t panic, here’s the cure: bacon.

Friday Cephalopod: Beautiful babies

The NY Times has stirred up some controversy by recommending a novel flavor combination: guacamole made with peas. I must weigh in. Sounds delicious! Would love to try it!

Is it Shark Week again? I wouldn’t know, because their destructive and dishonest portrayals of these amazing animals was a major factor leading me to turn off the Discovery Channel and never watch it again. Read David Shiffman’s essay on the abuses of sharks, and join the rest of us in contributing to Discovery’s declining…

Especially if you’re a cuttlefish.

A transitional turtle, Pappochelys

Turtles are nifty animals, with a remarkable adaptation: they’ve taken their ribs and shifted them outside their appendicular skeleton, flattened and expanded them, and turned them into a shell. It’s a clever twist, and it doesn’t require any magic — just a shift in timing during development, with a little extra signaling. The molecular biology…

Behold, the newly rediscovered Malatgan River caecilian. When my ankle acts up, I begin to think that maybe these critters were smarter than I am in jettisoning all those messy, complicated limbs.