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Friday Cephalopod: Not an omelet

What a squid egg mass looks like if you step back a bit:

There was a conference sponsored by the Royal Society last month, titled New trends in evolutionary biology: biological, philosophical and social science perspectives. There have been a number of news stories about this event, some good, some bad. Here’s one: can you tell what’s wrong with it? For example, speaking at the Royal Society was…

Friday Cephalopod: the Legion arrives

The crackpots are bustin’ out all over — not just in politics, but also in science. Remember Stuart Pivar? The septic tank tycoon who invented a whole new theory of evolution and development that he called Lifecode, built entirely around imaginary drawings of how embryos formed by folding and stretching themselves like balloon animals? It…

Black Friday Cephalopod

Friday Cephalopod: How to make a squid

Just follow the simple steps in this video.

You’d think Octopolis would be a lovely place, but then you discover it’s a junk-covered slum where the octopuses are engaged in street warfare.