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Blinky Bling Bliss

blinky bling bling bliss

Kids at the candy shop… from the DairyAire launch event this weekend. For a sense of how the photonic Ritalin works, this is what my rocket looks like as an example:

For a while, I’ve wanted to use a funky armored car fisheye lens from Belarus for night rocketry. I tested it at dusk:

Red Lightning

and at night…

Time Lapse

Green propellant – burnout – orange burst from the BP charge popping the parachute – blinking spiral back to Earth.

That a cable spool with a high power motor in the middle flies straight as an arrow is amazing enough. Strap on some lights, and fly at night, priceless.

Next, I’ll show some shots with a 16mm Canon in the Black Rock Desert.


  1. #1 Monado
    May 20, 2009

    Very cool images.

  2. #2 Kurt
    May 20, 2009

    In the dusk photo, is that faint trail in the background from the parachute deploying, or did you happen to catch a comet in the sky?

  3. #3 Jurvetson
    May 20, 2009

    Kurt – I believe it is the BP charge igniting to deploy the chute (a bit late in this case, on the down side of the parabolic arc, versus a bit early for the spool shot that follows)

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