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Juggling Fire

         I have photographed jugglers several times in the past for physics text books. I have been impressed with the level of skill some jugglers can obtain. It is difficult enough to juggle three balls, four is more difficult, and fire is a another story. When objects move in a circle they can undergo some…

Lighting underwater photos

We see this happen all the time here in Hawaii: Tourists go snorkeling — sometimes for the first time in their lives — and they are excited by what they see. They decide they want to take pictures of all the pretty fishies and corals to show their friends back home. They buy a single…

How to attract an entomologist

Step 1. Locate a suitable patch of forest, field, or desert.

Photo Technique: the White Box

An anonymous commenter asked if I could explain the white box I sometimes use for insect studio shots. Here it is: There’s not much to it. It’s an old cardboard box- this one once held toilet paper, I think- with white printer paper taped along the inside. The strobe is placed inside the box. When…

Working with Light

Compare these two images, both of the same swarm of mating ants: What’s the difference?