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The Ant-Mugging Flies of Kwazulu-Natal

A Crematogaster ant is held up by a kleptoparasitic Milichia patrizii ant-mugging fly. Last July, while wandering about the coastal forests of St. Lucia in eastern South Africa, I happened across an intriguing scene half-way up a spiny Acacia trunk. Some diminutive gray flies were pestering a trail of ants as they walked along the…

Fire ants aren’t the only formicids that have to worry about parasitoid phorid flies. Many species are hosts to this diverse fly family. Below are a pair of photos I took recently near Jujuy, Argentina showing a trio of an unidentified Pseudacteon species hovering over an ant nest. One of the flies hit her target,…

In Argentina, an ant-decapitating fly (Pseudacteon sp.) attempts to separate a fire ant (Solenopsis sp.) from her nestmates: More photos- and the story behind them- below.