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Why do only some ants sting?

Although these two ants in northern Argentina look like they’re ignoring each other, they are in fact doing just the opposite. This end-to-end confrontation is an intense chemical duel. What’s particularly interesting about the image is the juxtaposition of two different defense systems. At left is Forelius nigriventris, a speedy little insect armed with a…

Agrarian Ants

Today, Roche announced funding for over a dozen genomes of organisms associated with the agricultural attine ants and the fungus they cultivate. In honor of the occasion, here’s a sampling of a few of the attine species and their gardens. Acromyrmex sp. nr. crassispinus, Argentina.

…these would be the beetles of choice. Onthophagus taurus dung beetles, showing size and horn variation among males. Dung beetles in the widespread genus Onthophagus sport a bewildering array of horns. Not only do the horns of different species vary in shape, size, and the body part from which they grow, many species show a…