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  • Postdocs at NIST: National Research Council Postdoctoral Research Associateships at Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division of the NIST Information Technology Laboratory
  • The fall newsletter for the APS Topical Group of Quantum Information, Concepts and Computation is available. Included is a report on a recent quantum computing conference in Iran, as well as statements from the people crazy enough to run the topical group officer positions. Wait, I’m one of those crazies? Doh.
  • For those of you quantum computing folks with monster travel budgets, there is a quantum computing conference in Honolulu, Hawaii (QWIKI’08) organized by Colin Williams:



    Honolulu, Hawaii, 18th-20th March 2008

    QWIKI’08 is a 3-day symposium within ICCES’08 the “International Conference on Computational and Experimental Engineering & Sciences” that aims to stimulate ideas on practical applications of quantum computers. Physicists, computer scientists, material scientists and computational biologists with an interest in quantum computing are encouraged to attend.

    Abstracts (by ___15th December___) are solicited on topics such as:

    Quantum Phenomena:
    – Entanglement in bulk materials
    – Quantum effects in meta-materials
    – Domain formation in quantum systems

    Quantum Hardware:
    – General purpose quantum computers
    – Special purpose quantum simulators
    – Nanomaterial and nanodevice simulators

    Quantum Algorithms:
    – Quantum simulation
    – Quantum image, signal & data processing
    – Quantum numerical integration and differential equation solving

    – Theory of quantum simulation
    – Theory of quantum image processing
    – Using decoherence & noise constructively
    – Exploiting POVMs
    – Novel techniques in quantum algorithms
    – Specialized quantum architectures
    – Error avoidance, mitigation & correction

    – Arbitrary state preparation
    – Quantum random walks
    – Fast quantum transforms

    Submit a 1 page abstract, or an extended abstract (up to 6 pages), via the web at by 15th December 2007 and email Colin.P.Williams[insert at symbol here] stating your desire to attend the QWIKI’08 symposium.

    Conference/Symposia Details & Author Guidelines Available at:

    Registration Fee: US$600 for each participant (+ US$200 for each accompanying person). QWIKI’08 attendees must register for the full ICCES’08 conference via the registration web-page at Registration gives you access to all the ICCES’08 sessions & symposia, a welcome reception, banquet, and refreshments.

    A special rate of US$149 per night per room (book by 15th Dec to guarantee this rate) has been arranged with the conference hotel:

    Marriott Hotel Waikiki Beach and Spa
    2552 Kalakaua Avenue
    Honolulu – Oahu, Hawaii 96815 USA
    Phone: 1-808-922-6611 /Fax: 1-808-921-5255
    Toll-free: 1-800-367-5370

  • Uncertain Chad asks for examples of Quantum Chicanery.
  • Nestle uses quantum theory to optimize food taste, texture, nutrition. Mmm, quantum cookies.


  1. #1 Ashley
    November 22, 2007

    Mmm, NIST cookies.

  2. #2 Jonathan Vos Post
    November 22, 2007

    “I say that those huge waves, covered with surfers, at Waikiki Beach are actually particles.”

    “No, I say that the waves are really waves.”

    “Sir, Ma’am, you’re both right. And here’s my formula for the number of qubits needed for a quantum computing robot that that surfs them…”

    “Say, isn’t that Garrett Lisi on a surfboard, with all those E8 mandalas on his wetsuit?”

    “No, it’s Dave Bacon. He figured out the ski/surf/skateboard Triality and is testing his theory even as we speak…”

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