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Is This a Mathematica Bug?

Miguel Pais points to an interesting behavior of Mathematica, where he plots the function which is the square of the square root of x. Now, if the domain of x is taken to be complex numbers, Mathematica’s behavior seems to me to be fine. But can anyone explain this behavior as anything other than a…

Foxworthy Material

You know you’re in rural America when… Reminds me of one of my favorite bumper sticker ideas of a few years ago (less true today): “Buy American: Do Meth!”

TGFT inspires the blues:

Biblical Quantum Humor

What do you call a quantum computer built in the shape of a cubic lattice and containing 450000 qubits?

Ski Day: Mt Shasta Ski Park

Well I finally made it to the ski slopes. Hopefully my late start to this year’s ski season will just mean that I push harder to get up to the slopes. Here is a picture taken from the base of the Mt. Shasta Ski area: The two lifts servicing advanced terrain were shut down in…

Merry Quantum Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I don’t think this explanation for Santa delivering presents using quantum theory works. But it does bring up the question of whether Santa could get a quadratric speedup using quantum gift delivery?

Bacon Zen

Ernesto points me to Bacon Zen, a collection of savory bacon links. But really? Bacon chocolate chip cookies?

Superexchange in optical lattices, factoring 15 in a linear optics quantum computer, quantum plagarism peaceful resolution, silicon and gallium arsinide quantum computers, and quantum mumbo jumbo in support of the ideas popularly known as God.

Bacon Flowchart

The title says enough already: Bacon Flowchart.

Wiimote Multitouch Display

More from Johnny Chung Lee on hacking the wiimote system to produce a very cool multitouch display: