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More Computer Jobs, No Way!

Since I got into trouble for posting about the need for more, not less, funding for science and engineering, (and, I might add, a reengineering of our approach to what it means to produce a successful Ph.D.), I thought I’d continue the trouble by linking to a post over at the Computing Research Policy Blog, “Computer and Mathematical Science Occupations Expected to Grow Quickest Over the Next Decade.”


  1. #1 mrG
    December 27, 2007

    heh … it’s all in the nomenclature shenanigans: when they say, just to pick an example, “Internet Systems Programmer” do they mean someone who has actually read the relevant RFCs, or do they mean someone who reacts to the suggestion of reading one with a disgusted “Ewwwwwww“?

    In my local newspapers I do see literally dozens of unfilled pleas begging for programmers … many of them offering even as much as $18/hr, some even requiring at much as 6 or 7 months of experience, and meanwhile of all the engineers I know, the sort who actually would read an RFC and perhaps even constructively comment on one, precious few are employed at their level.

    so forgive me if I equate the CRP blog’s modelling with some of the other pseudo-science that is floating about 😉

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