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A Startup in a Weekend?

Startup weekend will be coming to my backyard in January (literally in my backyard, Adobe is just down the hill from Villa Sophia.) Startup weekend, you say? What the heck is that?

I’d never heard of it either. Luckily, these are computer scientists, so they have a FAQ:

What is Startup Weekend?
A 54 hour event where a bunch of technologists get together to build a community and company.

What is the weekend like?
The weekend is fun, and intense! It starts Friday at 6pm and finishes up Sunday at midnight, the hours in between are up to the community.

Who is the CEO of the weekend?
No CEO, or really any other titles are present at Startup Weekends. It is a short timeframe, way to short too be worried about standing or management. There is a facilitator, and natural leaders emerge.

How did it Start?
One night at dinner, two entrepreneur friends Danny Newman and Stan James discussed how they missed collaborating on projects with others now they were working on bigger projects, later David Cohen and Joe Scharf pushed founder Andrew Hyde to take the concept into reality.

Who Runs Startup Weekend?
Startup Weekend LLC is run by Andrew Hyde, an entrepreneur based in Boulder, Colorado. Every weekend has a facilitator that is approved by Startup Weekend, LLC.

Is Startup Weekend a Company?
Yes, Startup Weekend is a startup in its own. The company and Trademark are used to make sure the quality of each Startup Weekend.

A startup in a weekend? That’s crazy bubble talk. But it sure sounds like fun!


  1. #1 Dave Briggs
    December 18, 2007

    A startup in a weekend? That’s crazy bubble talk. But it sure sounds like fun!

    I concur! It does sound like fun. I bet they get a lot more accomplished than some may think. Maybe you should have further posts on your weekend and their track record?
    Dave Briggs :~)

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