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I grew up in the middle of nowhere. I read all, and I mean all, of the science and math books in my local library (and nearly all of the Scientific American magazines as well.) Because this was before the internet was ubiquitous these were the only resources I had. These days I often wonder…

America COMPETEs Flip Floppers

Here’s a list of people who voted for the spending omnibus which totally shafted science and who also voted for the America COMPETEs act. Is your representative on there? Send a letter? Update: Science article on the budget and science.

QEC 07 Open Thread

You know, QEC07 participant, you’re supposed to be watching the talks and not reading this blog! But if you are reading this blog, you might as well not just lurk and instead comment. That’s right its a QEC 07 open thread.

You Down With QIP?

So simultaneous with QEC07, the conference I’m attending, is the QIP 2008. Anyone at QIP see any interesting talks that they’d be willing to comment on? Come on, don’t be shy (or post anonymously 🙂 )

Curmudgeons Winning?

Today I watched a talk on skepticism about quantum error correction. Now I don’t agree with the particular criticism’s leveled, but I’m all for people airing their criticisms and, if the majority view is correct, the majority should be able to answer the questions raised. But this isn’t what interested me today. What interested me…

A Startup in a Weekend?

Startup weekend will be coming to my backyard in January (literally in my backyard, Adobe is just down the hill from Villa Sophia.) Startup weekend, you say? What the heck is that?

QEC07 Conference

The grades are all done, and the students are gone, and now I’m conferencing. (That sentence should be sung to the tune of “Busted”) After a mere hour and a half delay at the airport I arrived last night at USC for QEC07.

NSF, NIST Budgets Get Hammered

News from Computing Research Policy Blog that the new omnibus appropriations bill will totally hammer the NSF and NIST. Effectively, factoring in some accounting and inflation, both budgets will be shrunk. So much for the America Competes Initiative. I’ve appropriately updated the probability that I will be employed in the next few years.

Murray Gell-Mann always makes me laugh. Via Asymptotia here is what Murray said while giving a Ted talk: I won’t go into a lot of stuff about quantum mechanics and what it’s like and so on…you’ve heard a lot of wrong things about it anyway!

Plotting Religion iff Freedom

Last week Mitt Romney, in a speech on religion, said that “Freedom requires religion, just as religion requires freedom.” Or, as I like to put it, “Religion iff Freedom.” This bothered me more than a little bit, until I realized that I could turn it into an empirical question. Or a least a question where…