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Second Life Banks

Second Life, the virtual community, bans banks which aren’t banks in the real world. Since the collapse of Ginko Financial in August 2007, Linden Lab has received complaints about several in-world “banks” defaulting on their promises. These banks often promise unusually high rates of L$ return, reaching 20, 40, or even 60 percent annualized. Second…

Self Adjusting RSS Reader?

Does anyone know of an RSS reader which adjust the order of your feeds depending on which feeds you tend to click on / spend time reading?

Through my computer science “information is king” eyeglasses, there are really only two notions which thoroughly distinguish quantum theory from classical theories of how the world works: the nonlocal nature of quantum correlations as exemplified by Bell’s theorem and the much less well known contextual nature of quantum measurements as exemplified by the Bell-Kochen-Specker theorem.…

I Quantalk Because my Mouth is Full

Sam, after asking me for $100 dollars out of nowhere, points me to, a new slick website for, err, talking about quantum information. Seems to be a closed registration right now, so no talking by plebes is allowed, but it is slick! I hope it goes far, considering how little success I’ve had in…

Aliens and Photos

What else am I to conclude from recent UFO reports out of Texas, except that no one in the entire town had a cell phone with a camera? Or a digital camera? Do the aliens use data from cell phone usage and digital camera usage when they decide where to do their joy riding? Oh,…

Graphene quantum dots as qubits, Quantum Zeno effect, and the APS March meeting.

Quantum Hoops in Berkeley

Quantum Hoops, a movie about the Caltech basketball team, will be playing in Berkeley at the Landmark Shattuck Cinemas. Now if only we could get it up here in the Pacific Northwet.

Why Can’t They All be Sunports?

Speaking of airports, why can’t there be more airports like Albuquerque’s Sunport: free wireless and even nice places to plug in and lay out your laptop:

Too Connected

Are you a geek if you write a blog post from an airplane seat? And the airplane door is…

Ski New York?

The New York Time’s reaches new heights of self-delusion: It’s not as if New York’s resorts are considered inferior. Counting as your props recommendations from Ski magazine is just awesome. Ever notice how every single article in Ski magazine references a ski area from all major ski regions? I wonder why that i$?