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What Is an Uncomputer?

Sean watches a panel discussion on whether the universe is a computer, looks up the definition of a computer, and decides that instead the universe is a calculation. If thinking about the universe as a computer is designed to make computer scientists feel important, thinking about the universe as a calculation seems designed to make…

Mad about the funding cuts in science? Why not send an letter to those responsible?

Computer Modern

Kitchener: Center of Science

I knew the Perimeter Institute was big, but enough to bump Kitchener to the second highest concentration of scientists in municipalities of its size in Canada?

Happiness is…

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Markets Predicting Elections

Can markets predict elections? Alea summarizes last night’s primary results: Ooops! From my perspective, I find the ideas of markets predicting future events fascinating, if for no other reason than my original motivation for studying physics was tied up deeply in questions about predicting the future.

The Last Day of Bill Gates

Video from the keynote at CES: The real question is, now that Bill is working for the foundation, which is opening an office in lower Queen Anee, will Bill be buying us a new bridge to aid his commute?


Holy mother of quack science, Neuroquantology. But that withstanding, some of you real scientists should really satisfy their call for reviewers. I mean think how much fun you could have tearing holes in their papers : We need additional reviewers: Since in our interdisciplinary Journal we seek for holistic approach to science and particularly in…

Candidates’ Views on Geometry

For a New York Times article What is it About Mormonism?, the following lines which made me guffaw: The framers recognized, of course, that a candidate’s religion (or lack thereof) would enter political debate, and they were prohibiting only a formal test for taking office. But they were also giving their imprimatur to Jefferson’s appealing…

Politics Friday: What a Bore

What with the U.S. presidential election dominating the news, could you ask for anything more this Friday than more politics blogging? Pain below the fold.