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Morpho Towers

Happy Leap Friday! For your enjoyment, some ferromagnetic fluids jiving to a piano piece:

Slandering Ants Anthropically

Another checkmark in front of the “antrhopic reasoning is whack”: arXiv:0802.4121 Title: Ants are not Conscious Authors: Russell K. Standish Anthropic reasoning is a form of statistical reasoning based upon finding oneself a member of a particular reference class of conscious beings. By considering empirical distribution functions defined over animal life on Earth, we can… Trackbacks

Some of you know (and use) the website I created a year ago,, a place where arXiv papers can be voted for digg style and comments can be left on the papers. After a while of not tinkering much with the website I’m beginning to add more features that I’ve been thinking about for…

Assorted Technology Bits

Technology tidbits of assorted flavors: I think I just made myself dizzy. Multi-touch to the max, dude! What does it take to build the next Silicon Valley (besides Gallium Arsenide?) Via John Cook’s Venture Blog comes

HD Shroud of Turin

Coming soon to a desktop near you: Your own digital Jesus. (Someone to hear your prayers. Someone who’s there. As much as a collection of bits representing the image of a sheet can be there, I guess that is.) Yeah I just wrote this post because upon reading the article I couldn’t get that damn…

If Only I’d Founded “iPho”

Quick, Batman! To the trademark-mobile along with a stack of three or four letter company names: Feb 27 (Reuters) – On-demand business phone service provider Nuvio Corp said it filed a lawsuit against Garmin International Inc…alleging Garmin’s Nuvifone infringes on Nuvio trademark, which it uses on its phones and telephony services.

Popular Science for Scientists?

Over at Cocktail Party Physics, Jennifer Ouellette shares her thoughts on good science communication I’ve learned over the course of my varied career that the trick to all good science communication is being able to boil a complicated science story down to its most basic components — the “core narrative” — to which one can…

“Filming” an Electron

On the intertubes today I’m seeing a lot of references to “Electron filmed for the first time” (digg, msnbc, Live Science.) For a decent explanation that doesn’t involve radically distorting quantum theory, I recommend this Physical Review Focus article (and, of course, nothing compares to the original PRL…although it must be said, as always, that…

Crackpot animation of the day:

Ski Lift Conversations

The man on the lift chair at Stephen’s Pass asks me my occupation. Professor, I tell him, at the University of Washington. Oh, he offers, My daughter is a fourth generation Husky. I was in the class of 1972. Or, well I would have been if I’d graduated, but I knew what I wanted to…