The Quantum Pontiff

Colorado State scores Keck money, D-Wave scores venture money, QICIQ 2008, Reversible computation tutorial, and a review of “Quantum Hoops.”

  • The Keck Foundation has given some dinero to Colorado State for quantum computing research:

    The primary goal of the research program is to demonstrate laser cooling and trapping of a single silicon atom. Then, on demand, researchers will ionize the atom and deliver it to the desired qubit location with nanometer accuracy, said Siu Au Lee, a professor of physics at CSU and principal investigator for the program.

  • D-Wave has closed a $17 million dollar series C round of financing. Will a series D round be needed for D-Wave? (Sorry couldn’t resist.)
  • A conference in Queensland: Quantum Information and Control In Queensland — QICIQ. Website here. Abstract deadline is listed as “17 Mar 2008,” which I think means March 17, 2008. What pretty pictures. I am jealous.
  • Not quite quantum, but here is a nice tutorial on reversible computation.
  • A review of “Quantum Hoops.”


  1. #1 Jonathan Vos Post
    February 2, 2008

    I saw the Caltech screening of “Quantum Hoops” many moons ago.

    It was VERY good. Highly recommended, even for those who hate sports, as that is counterbalanced by stuff for those who love highly motivated and positive science geeks.

    I had a drink and dinner with the Writer-Director. He’s a talent to watch. He’s come a long way from doing the interstitials for Seinfeld.

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