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QCMC 2008 in Calgary call for abstracts, Quantum Information and Control in Cairns, Australia call for abstracts, Covaqial, Brassard nominated for Herzberg Medal, and the limits of quantum computers.

If Only the ACLU Were Alice and Bob

There are days when I wish quantum cryptography was a mature, installed, technology. Today is one of those days. Why? You might think its because I’m a quantum obsessed physicist whose daily sustenance depends on the future of quantum information science. But no. Today I wish quantum cryptography were installed because today the Supreme Court…

sSQUINT Conference

On President’s day I attended the sSQUINT followup conference to SQUINT 2008. sSQUINT? Never heard of it? Neither had I. But when I learned that the “s” stood for “ski” (or maybe “snowboard”) and that some of my fellow quantum informationers would be trekking to Wolf Creek Ski Area, well I had to submit a…

SqUINT Live Blogging – Saturday Talks

Yes we work on Saturdays. Okay work may be the wrong word. Updated as the day goes along and my brain doesn’t fill up (plus I’m chairing a session, so is it ethical to chair and blog at the same time?)

Quantum Sloan Winners

Sloan awards have been announced for this year. On the list I noticed at least two three quantum computing/information related names: Alexandre Blais (University of Sherbrooke), Andris Ambainis (University of Waterloo), and Jason Petta (Princeton.) Congrats!

Interview with Jeff Kimble

Jeff Kimble, who taught me all about waves as a second year undergraduate at Caltech, is interviewed by Scientific American.

SquinT Live Blogging – Friday Talks

Live blogging from day one of the talks at SquInT 2008. Updated as the day goes along. So hit that refresh button 🙂

I’ve never live blogged before (well I’ve been alive while I’ve blogged, but that is different, I guess), but maybe it will make me pay more attention to the talks, so here goes nothing. Oh, and happy Hallmark(TM) Valentines day! I’ll be updating these posts as the conference goes along.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Santa Fe I Go

Yep, lucky me I’m off to Santa Fe tomorrow morning for the tenth annual SquInT conference. Holy moly ten years of SqUiNT conferences really makes me feel old. I wonder how many Chiles I’ve eaten over all of those conferences (and I don’t even want to think about how many Margaritas or quantum beers I’ve…

Fight Anecdote with Anecdote

A website dedicated to chronicling the lives, injuries, and money lost due to a lack of critical thinking. Woah. Is it just me or is there is somethink kind of creepy about assembling this kind of website?