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Museum Tours For the Insecure

I always knew that T-Rex was a vegetarian: “Trying to teach children not to believe everything they see.” Shouldn’t they add “and believe in everything they don’t see?” Update: I should have known Pharnygula would have posted this before me. Note to self: always check with PZ before posting something about creationism 🙂

Shor Calculations (Quantum Wonkish)

Over at Emergent Chaos I found an article which throws down the gauntlet over quantum computers. And there isn’t anything I cherish more than gauntlets thrown down! Note: I should preface this by saying that I don’t consider myself a over the top hyper of quantum computers in the sense attacked by the author. I…

Win Ben Stein Some Brains!

I always thought that I was special because I have, in my short life, been kicked into a night club. But now, comes word of an even more spectacular event: scienceblogs’ own PZ Myers was expelled from seeing the creationist propoganda film “Expelled!” Adding to the irony, noted biologist/athiest Richard Dawkins, who is famous enough…


Greetings from SMF! Home to the slowest baggage claim in the west (not that I was crazy enough to check a bag.) Even from beyond the grave Feynman gives string theory no love:

I Scream, You Scream, We All

scream for Candied Bacon Ice Cream?

Crayon Physics Game

In high school, we had software which would simulate dynamics of different shaped objects. I used to set up part of the screen as a “hoop” and then try to design the crazies way for a ball to bounce off all sorts of shapes set with different initial velocities and into the hoop. It was…

Room Temperature?

Dear Digg, no, this article and press release do not mean that

A New York Times article has appeared about a study on the effects of excessive beer drinking on scientific productivity. The study, (Tomas Grim, “A possible role of social activity to explain differences in publication output among ecologists.” Oikos 117 (4), 484-487) done by the aptly named ecologist, Dr. Thomas Grim, claimed that scientific productivity…

Google Code University

Last year, Google announced a set of resource to help students and faculty with CS education. They’ve revamped the set of resources and redesigned the web page and all the jazzy stuff to produce: Google Code University. Marty Stepp, whose courses are featured in the Google code university, has his office just down the hall…

The Great Debate

Since my laptop was stolen, it’s time for me to think about getting a replacement. My last laptop was a tablet PC, a Toshiba M400 Portege, which was “Vista capable,” which I’m pretty sure means that it was “just barely Vista capable.” I loved having a tablet PC, but the Toshiba wasn’t exactly behaving great…